1. The National High School Federation (NHSF) rules & regulations will apply to any rule not specified below. Please note, a Changin Da’ Game Tournament Director reserves the right to adjust any gameplay rule if conducive to event.
  • All games will be officiated by two certified referees.
  • Home team will be located on top of the bracket or will be the higher seed.
  • Home team will be the official book for the game.
  • Both teams must have basketballs for warm up.

1. Game Length

  • 4th-6th Grade will play two 12 minute, stopped-time halves. (28.5 size ball)
  • 7th-8th Grade will play two 14 minute, stopped-time halves. (29.5 size ball; girls use 28.5 size ball)
  • 9th-12th Grade will play two 16 minute, stopped-time halves. (29.5 size ball; girls use 28.5 size ball)
  • Pre-Game Warm-Up time will last five minutes; please prepare to play/stretch prior to warm-up
  • Halftime will last three minutes
  • The first and second Overtime will last two minutes (stopped-time). The third Overtime will be determined by Sudden Death (first basket to score in the third Overtime Period will be declared winner).

2. Timeouts

  • Each team will have four Timeouts per game: two Full & two 30 second Timeouts.
  • Each team will have one Timeout per Overtime Period.
  • Timeouts from regulation do not carry over to Overtime Periods.

3. Pool Play / Seeding

  • Teams will begin in Pool Play and be seeded for Bracket Play based on Pool Play results.
  • A team’s seed for Bracket Play will be determined by the following, in order (tie-scenarios below):
    • Pool Play Record
    • Point Differential (+/- 20 points; the most a team can win by and receive credit for is 20 points)
    • Points Allowed (the team with the fewest points scored against them in Pool Play is higher seed)

4. Tie-Breaker Scenarios

  • If two teams have a tied record after Pool Play, the winner of the head-to-head matchup is awarded the higher seed.
  • If two teams did not play head-to-head, Point Differential (see above) is applied to determine seeding.
  • If two teams also have the same Point Differential, the team who allowed the least amount of points in Pool Play would be awarded the higher seed (using this formula, there is no benefit to running up the score, rather the benefit is in stopping the opposing team from scoring).
  • If three teams are tied, head-to-head matchups are irrelevant in determining seed for Bracket Play.
  • If three teams are tied, Point Differential is applied; the team with the highest Point Differential is awarded the high seed.
  • If a tie in Point Differential exists, Points Allowed (see above) will determine seed for Bracket Play.

5. Mercy Rule

  • The clock will run continuosly if at any time the lead is 20 points or more; the clock will resume normal operation once the lead is back below 20 points.
  • There is no defensive pressing allowed when the Mercy Rule is in effect.


To ensure fair play at Changin Da’ Game events, it’s required that all players show proof of age by providing a birth certificate or having your players verified by obtaining an ID via National Sports ID (NSID) (Click Here to verify your players). By obtaining an ID from NSID, you can avoid carrying around your athlete’s sensitive information and speed up the check­-in process at the tournament. 

1. Teams are allowed a maximum of 15 players on a roster.

2. A player can play on two teams in the same tournament as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Teams are from the same organization.
  • Teams are not in the same division.
  • Player meets the eligibility criteria for both teams.
  • Once bracket play (elimination play) begins, the player must have played in at least one pool play game in the division in order to compete in that division’s bracket play. A player who has not played in a pool play game is not permitted to compete in bracket play.

3. No additions to a roster are allowed after tournament play has begun.

4. A player must play in at least one Pool Play game in order to be eligible for Bracket Play.

5. All players/roster must be in compliance with eligibility criteria set forth by Changin Da’ Game. Click Here for eligibility information.

6. Challenging the eligibility of an opposing team’s player:

  • Only a head coach can challenge the eligibility of an opposing team’s player.
  • Fans, parents, and assistant coaches are not allowed to make an official challenge.
  • Challenges must be made to tournament director before the game starts, no challenges can occur during or after gameplay.
  • If challenge is incorrect, the challenging team will lose a timeout and be assessed a technical foul.
  • If challenge is correct, ineligible player is disqualified, offending team loses a timeout and is assessed a technical foul.
  • Multiple ineligible player offenses from an organization will result in suspension from Changin Da’ Game tournaments.
  • Nearly all ineligible players, whether intentionally or unintentionally put on a roster, are discovered during our team check in process, however the ability to challenge a player is an additional layer of integrity at our events.
  • After one unsuccessful challenge by a coach, no player eligibility challenges can be made from that team in the same tournament.
  • There is no cost to challenge the eligibility of a player.


1. Teams are allowed 3 bench personnel. (Example: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Bookkeeper)

  • Teams will receive three complimentary coaches bands at team check in (unless otherwise noted).
  • Home team (designated on schedule) will provide official bookkeeper, game ball, and will wear light-color jerseys.
  • Wristbands must be worn on wrist at all times for the duration of the tournament; entry into gym cannot be permitted without a wristband.
  • Lost coach’s bands must be repurchased at the going spectator rate.

2. The following Dress Code will be enforced at Changin Da’ Game basketball tournaments:

  • All coaches (including assistant coaches and bench personnel) are suggested to wear a team polo shirt or team t-shirt; shorts and jeans are permitted to wear.
  • Unacceptable apparel includes, but not limited to: tank tops, open-toe sandals, flip-flops, pajama-style sweats.
  • Hats are acceptable and should represents the team.
  • Judgment of acceptable attire will be the responsibility of tournament representative.

3. Benches must be cleaned of bottles/trash/spills after every game.

  • Failure to clean up your bench area, especially after multiple instances, may result in forfeiture of tournament game.



  • A five minute grace period is allowed for late-arriving teams; failure to have five ready players on the court prepared to play by five minutes after the official game start time will result in a forfeit.
  • If two forfeits by one team occur in the same tournament, that team is not permitted to advance to bracket play.
  • The resulting score of a forfeited game will be 20-0, in favor of the non-forfeiting team.

Team Check-In

  • Teams should arrive at designated Check-In area at least 20 minutes prior to official game start time in order to properly check-in with a Changin Da’ Game tournament representative.
  • Coaches should be prepared to show a clean copy of roster and birth certificates (or valid proof of age) at Team Check-In.
  • It is highly suggested your players obtain a National Sports ID to help your team check in more efficiently and to avoid carrying around sensitive personal information for your athletes
  • Paperwork / Team Binder must be organized and prepared for review before Team Check-In process begins.
  • All teams must go through the Team Check-In process before taking the floor.


  • ALL participating athletes must have a current waiver on file with Changin Da’ Game, signed by parent/guardian.


1. No fighting will be tolerated.

  • Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected for fighting is immediately suspended for the remainder of the tournament and is ineligible for a refund.

2. Technical Fouls

  • Upon receiving a second technical foul in a game, coaches/players will be ejected and must leave the building. Receiving three technical fouls in same tournament will result in coach/player being dismissed for remainder of event.
  • If a player, coach, or spectator is ejected for any reason, that individual must serve a one game suspension during the next scheduled game and cannot be on the bench or bleachers while serving suspension. If next scheduled game is a forfeit for any reason, the suspension would carry over to the next scheduled game.

3. Inappropriate Behavior

  • Changin Da’ Game expects all players, coaches, parents, spectators, and staff to act in an appropriate manner.
  • Changin Da’ Game officials may remove individuals from the facility or defer to law enforcement for hostile behavior.
  • Changin Da’ Game has developed a Code of Conduct for coaches, players, and spectators. Failure to adhere to these standards can result in disqualification from event or inability to participate in future Changin Da’ Game basketball events.


  • Deadline is two weeks prior to event or when event fills.
  • $50.00 cancellation fee BEFORE the tournament registration deadline.
  • No refunds AFTER the tournament registration deadline.

To request a refund of your tournament registration fee, you must email prior to the tournament registration deadline. Refunds cannot be issued after the registration deadline.

Changin Da’ Game is not responsible for travel expenses regardless of forfeitures, suspensions, or cancellation of the event (i.e., non-refundable hotel/cabin/vehicle deposits, airline tickets, gas, etc.).

Changin Da’ Game is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the event. Any questionable incidents should be reported to a tournament representative and law enforcement immediately.